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Yes, yes and YES! As much as I LOVE these words and want them to be my mantra, there are days when it feels next to IMPOSSIBLE to keep that positive mindset. Mornings when Lily can't get all of the knots out of her hair and we are late because she can't find her shoes and we walk out of our house and the 90 degree temperatures slap us the face (we live in Texas), so I'm sweating before I even reach the car and getting into my car I spill my coffee onto my only clean work shirt. Yes, those are the mornings when it's SO HARD to stay positive. Those are the morning when I pray for patience and for the positive mindset that I desperately need. I breathe, re-set, and think positive thoughts. Most of the time it works. On the days that it doesn't I just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day. A new day for a positive mind, positive vibes and a positive life...

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